About Me

Hey, glad you found my blog! I use this site to document everything that goes through my mind while working on my software projects. Some of the topics might be very special, but maybe that might be exactly why something's helping you.

My current tech-stack consists mostly of ASP.NET MVC (& ASP.NET MVC Core), JS (mostly vanilla, combined with nodejs and gulp / webpack) and SQLServer / PostGres, but I'm very happy to throw myself into any kind of new technology. Besides these, I'm also posting about Xamarin and Android, as well as general IT topics. But I guess you already know that from looking at the landing page.

Besides coding, I spend most of my free time preparing for my first iron-distance triathlon, so this topic will surely find its way into some of my posts.

But enough about me. You can find all my projects on my GitHub profile, if you're looking for something very special, you can also look there directly. Lastly, I'm always happy about any questions and feedback, so feel free to drop a message at marcel@mjurtz.com.

I've been setting up a newsletter. If you want to stay up-to-date and always get notified on the newest posts, feel free to subscribe!


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